When should I book my senior portraits?

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Here in Seattle we are lucky to be blessed with such a long “Senior Portrait” season. With relatively moderate weather we are able to photograph your session anytime between March and November. There is no wrong or right answer – but I’m here to share some tips and ideas for booking the “right” time for you!

Personally, I find the best months to be May, June & September. They have the best weather (sunny, and not too hot), while providing the most colorful backdrops for those who love nature (or fall). May & June is lush, green and can run anywhere between 60-80 degrees. Whatever your favorite month is, be sure to plan ahead for your session.

When to book your Seattle Senior Portrait session

March – perfect for students who waited until Senior Spring

March can be a lovely month – if you don’t mind a little rain and cooler weather. When we luck out with a nice day, March can be the perfect time to get your senior photos done. We have a handful of fun and unique locations to make this off-season month the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Perfect for: when you aren’t too worried about the weather, you have more free time and want to commemorate your senior year before you graduate.
Pros: Mild temperatures and the chance of catching cherry blossoms. Overcast days create beautiful lighting scenarios.
Cons: Chances of getting rained-out are higher. Cold temperatures limit wardrobe to warmer looks like sweaters and jeans. Parks are limited to spaces that are evergreen, as flowers aren’t quite in bloom yet.

Location Idea: Christianson’s Nursery

Location ideas for Seattle Senior Portrait Photographers

April – take advantage of no-school days by booking over Spring Break

April is a great time during your Senior Spring to get those last minute graduation photos taken – especially when you have time off over Spring Break, or want a destination portrait session in SoCal or Hawaii (just ask!).

Perfect for: when you can’t skip any more school, or want us to meet you on your family vacation
Pros: Mild temperatures and ability to travel to places like the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival for your photos.
Cons: Chances of getting rained-out are very likely. Cold temperatures limit wardrobe to warmer looks like sweaters and jeans.

Location Idea: Skagit Valley tulip festival

When to take my senior portraits in Seattle

May – enjoy all the lush greenery and hope you get lucky with the warmer weather

Perfect for: those who waited for Spring of their graduation year – now is your time to shine! It’s not too late, in fact we can still order grad cards for you. If you are still in your junior year, get a head start on your friends and be a trend-setter (plus take advantage of our Senior Rep discount!)
Pros: Mild to slightly warmer temperatures allows for cute summer dresses, abundant sunshine and LOTS of greenery and flowers.
Cons: Could still rain. Overcast days (which can be good for lighting!)

Location Idea: Rattlesnake Lake

Seattle Senior Portrait Photographer

June – lots of greenery and that “perfect” temperature

Take advantage of June – our quiet in-between month. We know it’s crazy between graduation parties, birthdays and getting ready for summer – but it is the perfect opportunity to get the best weather, get your photos out of the way and then go enjoy the summer.

Perfect for: last minute graduation photos, or those who travel all summer long.
Pros: Take advantage of the best weather before going on summer vacation. Book early and get your senior photos out of the way.
Cons: That weird in-between month. If you graduate you may miss out on ordering grad cards in time.

Location Idea: Discovery Park

Summer Senior Portrait Location ideas in Seattle

July – things are just starting to warm up

July is one of our top busiest months here in Seattle. It is known for it’s consistent good weather – and all the greenery hasn’t turned brown (just yet).

Perfect for: summer lovers who want abundant sunshine.
Pros: Almost guaranteed good weather, lots of sunshine and warm temps. The roses are in bloom! Plus you may have a nice tan going.
Cons: Greenery starts to die off throughout this month, and chances of flower fields starts to diminish. Some locations may be too sunny for good lighting (such as the beach).

Location Idea: Woodland Park Rose Garden

Seattle summer senior portrait location ideas

August – prime time for all things summer!

Welcome to the busiest (and hottest) month of the year! August is super busy with seniors booking their portrait sessions before back-to-school. Everyone has a nice tan, and is back from their summer vacations. However in recent years, we have to take into consideration a new season; wildfires. Due to the heavy smoke we have had to start re-scheduling sessions when it is un-healthy to be outside. Please keep this in mind while you are scheduling your summer session.

Perfect for: those who love summer wardrobe pieces, hot weather and abundant sunshine.
Pros: Lots of warm days that allow you to wear dresses, shorts and skirts. Almost zero chance of rain.
Cons: Most greenery is dead, so you may like the “wheat field” look instead. Wildfires can potentially cancel your photoshoot. Can be too hot for those who are heat sensitive.

Location Idea: South Lake Union

Seattle Senior Portrait photographer ideas and locations

September – back to school

Even though we head back to school in September, the weather has started to cool down, and if it’s rained recently, the grass at Discovery Park may have bounced back and is green again. We also hit a yearbook deadline rush towards the end of the month – so consider booking early to turn that in on time.

Perfect for: those who traveled all summer and need to get a yearbook photo turned in for a September/October deadline.
Pros: Good weather is still here – and the light hits at the perfect angle.
Cons: Missing school for your photos (or maybe that’s a pro!)

Location Idea: Queen Anne

Downtown Seattle location ideas for senior portraits

October – fall is coming and we are ready for it!

October is the perfect time for those who want a lot of color in their photos. We can take advantage of the changing leaves and opt for beautiful natural backgrounds.

Perfect for: fall lovers and those who have a late (or none at all) yearbook deadline.
Pros: Colorful leaves and sweater-weather! Pacific north-westerners rejoice.
Cons: We can’t think of any – other than the chances of rain.

Location Idea: Greenlake

Senior Portrait location ideas by seasons

November – last chance before winter

Missed your yearbook deadline, or didn’t have one? That’s still cool. We think you should celebrate your senior year any way you see fit. This is the perfect time for fall lovers, when you can cozy up in all the sweaters and enjoy a hot cup of coffee after your session. You can get pictures in time to give to family for the holidays – winning!

Perfect for: the hardcore fans of fall, sweaters and cold weather.
Pros: Overcast light allows us to work at any location!
Cons: Sunset is so early, sessions are pushed up to start during school hours. Definite chance of getting rained out.

Location Idea: Ballard neighborhood

Winter themed senior portraits in Seattle

Have additional questions about when to book your senior portrait session with us? Please reach out via email and we’d be happy to offer our recommendations.

Other questions? Please let us know and we may answer in a future blog post!